How can I get the city of El Paso to respond to my concerns?

Michael, a KFOX14 viewer in Far East El Paso, emailed me his concerns about what he said was a lack of response from El Paso Animal Services officers while he was out walking his dogs recently.

Michael complained that he saw a city Animal Services vehicle drive by him and enter a neighborhood park where he said two men were walking three dogs without leashes.

He said the animal protection officer didn't even bother to stop and let them know about the city ordinance that requires dogs to be on leashes when they're out in public. The only exceptions to the ordinance are at three local dog parks where pets can run without leashes.

Michael was also concerned about the response he got when he called the city's 311 information line. He said the operator told him that they didn't have the means to report his complaint to Animal Services.

I contacted the spokesman for El Paso Animal Services, Ramon Herrera. He told me that without the specific date and time, it was impossible to comment on the specifics of the case. For example, he said, the officer might have been on a higher priority call, such as searching for a vicious animal on the loose.

Here's what Herrera said you should do when calling 311 with a complaint like Michael's: You should request to speak with an Animal Services field supervisor and provide callback information. The 311 operator is supposed to alert the supervisor, who should then give you a call back to gather more information. In addition, if you feel the 311 operator is not assisting you properly, you should ask to speak with their supervisor.

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