How can I get involved in setting regional transportation priorities?

US-54 in El Paso. Credit: KFOX14

This is a follow-up to a previous post in which a viewer wanted to know if the freeway portion of U.S. 54 in Northeast El Paso would ever be completed all the way to the New Mexico state line.

The Texas Department of Transportation does have a plan for completing the freeway, but it's still years away.

The first phase will involve extending the freeway from Kenworthy to McCombs starting in the year 2023.

Then, U.S. 54 will be completed as a freeway to the state line beginning in the year 2031, or possibly even later. A TxDot spokesperson said these dates are tentative and subject to change.

That's because transportation planners can move up a project’s timeline if it becomes more of a priority, and citizen input can make a difference in setting those priorities.

A group that plays a critical role in deciding local transportation priorities is El Paso's Metropolitan Planning Organization, or M.P.O. It’s governed by a Transportation Policy Board made up of local elected leaders from across the Borderland, including officials from Southern New Mexico, along with various transportation officials.

The board can move up the timeline for some projects, while putting others on the back-burner.

The Transportation Policy Board meets monthly, and its next meeting is Friday, Oct. 20, at the El Paso M.P.O. office, located at 211 North Florence, suite 103, in Downtown El Paso.

At the beginning of each meeting, the public is invited to offer input on any local transportation issue.

Right now, the board is working on a transportation master plan for the region through the year 2045.


-9:00 a.m. Friday, Oct. 20

-El Paso M.P.O. Office

-211 N. Florence, suite 103

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