How can I get help with termites coming from public property?

Northeast Channel #1

A KFOX14 viewer named John asked for help solving a problem that's literally bugging him. He said termites are crawling onto his property from an arroyo that’s located behind his home in Northeast El Paso.

It turns out the arroyo is owned and maintained by El Paso Water, which refers to it as the “Northeast Channel #1”.

John complained that the water company hadn't cleaned the arroyo in more than two years and a neighbor's already had to treat his property for termites.

He said they got the runaround when they tried to get help from both El Paso Water and the city; I experienced the same thing when I went looking for help with John's concerns.

The problem: While the arroyo is water company property and its crews maintain the area, they don't perform pest control.

El Paso Water advised both John and me to call the city's vector control department to see about getting rid of the termites. But the city of El Paso said that it only performs pest control for mosquitoes.

After explaining John's dilemma to El Paso Water spokesman Josh Muniz, he checked to see what could be done.

Josh then called back and said a crew from the water company did go out and clean up the arroyo behind John's property, and they would look into the termite complaint to see what they could do about the issue. But he pointed out again that they're not experts in pest control, nor do they have much pest control equipment.

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