Does GECU plan to open a branch in Las Cruces?

    Pete is a KFOX14 viewer who lives in Las Cruces. He asked me: "Why can't GECU open up a branch in Las Cruces?"

    Pete said it's sometimes inconvenient to have to travel all the way from Las Cruces to El Paso to take care of some of his transactions at the credit union.

    GECU serves customers across Dona Ana, El Paso and Hudspeth counties.

    A spokeswoman for the credit union told me GECU is exploring some options when it comes to locating a branch in Las Cruces, but there are no concrete plans at this point.

    However, she also wanted to remind customers that GECU provides a variety of online and other electronic options that can take care of most customers' banking needs, including depositing cash and checks without service fees.

    In addition, GECU belongs to a nationwide network of more than 30,000 credit union ATMs that won't charge credit union customers fees for using them. It's called the CO-OP network and it has a number of ATMs available for use in the Las Cruces area.

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