Are we getting price gouged at the gas pump?

(Credit: KFOX14)

In this Just Ask John, a follow up to a viewer's complaint about the sudden increase in gas prices when Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast in late August.

A KFOX14 viewer named Ed complained at the time, that it looked like oil companies were cashing in for the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Gas prices rose about 30 cents a gallon overnight here in the Borderland and much more in other parts of Texas that were closer to where the hurricane struck.

Since then, the Texas Attorney General's Office has investigated about 5,500 price gouging complaints and is now suing more than 125 retailers accused of selling gas at excessive prices.

The two latest lawsuits came just this week, against a Dallas area gas station chain that charged as much as $4.99 a gallon, and another retailer in Laredo that charged as much as $9.99 for a gallon of regular gas.

All the retailers the state attorney general’s office is suing sold gas for $3.99 per gallon or more.

Because gas prices in the El Paso area peaked at about $2.50 a gallon, no local gas stations are being sued for price gouging.

But after gas prices began dropping in October, they started rising again in November, and now average about $2.45 a gallon in the Borderland, almost where they were for Labor Day weekend, and just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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