Are dogs required to be on leashes in El Paso?

unleashed dog

Michael, a KFOX14 viewer, complained about El Pasoans not obeying the city's dog leash law. He asked me to address the issue after he said a dog that wasn't on a leash attacked his pets, and their injuries required a trip to a veterinarian.

The city of El Paso’s animal ordinance requires pet owners to have direct physical control of their animals if they take them off their own property, and that means a leash or an equivalent control device.

The city code specifically states that dogs and cats “running at large” is prohibited, with certain exceptions. For example, a web search revealed El Paso has three dog parks where dogs can run without leashes.

It's also important to note that if your pet is injured in an attack by another animal, you should report it to El Paso Animal Services within 24 hours because of the potential danger posed by diseases like rabies.

If you see dogs off their leashes where they shouldn't be, it's a good idea to take a picture or shoot some video to document the incident and report it to Animal Services. The department may then launch an investigation.

You can also pursue financial relief if your pet is injured by someone else's pet and you have to pay for veterinary care. You can seek civil damages through the court system.

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