Kelly Anne pounds away at MTZ Ironworking

KFOX14 morning anchor, Kelly Anne Beile, works every week at a new job in the Borderland to share what makes the area so unique.

At perhaps her toughest job yet - at least by mere strength required - KFOX14 morning anchor Kelly Anne Beile tries her hand at iron working this week on "Do My Job."

From delivery to install, MTZ Ironworking (also known as El Paso Custom Iron Works) in central El Paso is a family-run business with roots in Juarez, Mexico. Founder Carlos Hernandez goes to work everyday with the help of his children, Fernando and Evelyn Martinez. The business concept is simple: Do great work and business will come. MTZ Ironworking services some of the biggest and best homebuilders across the Borderland, including Carefree and Dessert View.

On this week's "Do My Job," Beile provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be a blacksmith while working with a gas furnace, sledgehammer and anvil. She also bends flat iron into decorative coils and even gets an up-close look at welding. As always on the weekly segment, safety is first and Beile does not stop short of dressing up in full garb as part of the storyline.

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El Paso Custom Iron Works specializes in iron, landscape, concrete, outdoor kitchens and pergolas.

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