Kelly Anne joins the waste management team to pick up recycling

Kelly Anne works with the city of El Paso Environmental Services department.

KFOX14 morning news anchor Kelly Anne Beile spends the day with a team from the city of El Paso Environmental Services. Riding through the Sunset neighborhood to pick up recycling, Beile quickly learns that bins can easily be considered "contaminated" and items may not be picked up by the city.

According to crews, the most popular items to contaminate bins are foam, pizza boxes and construction materials. Make sure to watch the video to get a behind-the-scenes look at how crews tag bins and make cases when non-appropriate items are placed in bins.

Residents may receive up to three tags or violations before the city will come to remove a blue bin from a residence.

If your blue bin is damaged in any way, call 311 and the city will come out and replace your bin at no charge.

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