Kelly Anne discovers what's in a juice cleanse at Mom's Fresh Juice


KFOX14 morning anchor Kelly Anne Beile recently ventured out to Mom's Fresh Juice in west El Paso to learn more about raw, fresh juice. In this week's segment of "Kelly Anne: Do My Job," the reward is in the journey. Beile learns to make a new recipe of fresh juice, just in time for the first day of spring. It is called "Blanche," and it's made with limes, jicamas, pears and green apples. The batch is processed in two machines, the first commonly referred to as "Lil K" by team members, and the second is called "Juicy J." After the juice is processed, it is hand-bottled and hand-labeled.

Beile also talks about her journey doing a three-day juice cleanse during this segment. To find out more about juicing, visit

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