Motivation Monday: Meditation


Meditation classes are growing across the country and one local meditation instructor attributes it to this:

The news can be overwhelming these days. Recent mass shootings in vacation spots such as --Las Vegas and in sacred places, such as churches; catastrophic acts of nature, including back to-back hurricanes in the United States and earthquakes in Mexico; and terrorist acts such as the one in Manhattan in October are a lot to process.

Even political tensions in the news seem to have everyone on edge. "Watching the news, even though we're all very interested in what's happening in the world, a lot of the time we feel that there's nothing that we can do," said holistic practitioner and meditation instructor Luciana Garcia, who added that the feeling of helplessness can make the stress worse. Garcia is is convinced that meditation can help take the stress down several notches.

The American Psychological Association recently reported that stress and anxiety isare increasing in the United States.

Stress is reportedly up by about 6.25 percent across the board from August 2016 to January 2017. "The only thing that we truly have power over is to change what is within ourselves., and a lot of people are waking up to that right now," said Garcia. In our next segment, she will explain what to expect at a meditation studio with a class.

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