Motivation Monday: Clowns vs. crime

Carpe Clows

Clown sightings are not only more common during the Halloween season, but they are also more controversial these days.

Horror movies like Stephen Kings "It" make clown costuming part of popular culture. But some clowns ruin it for everybody.

When being a clown crosses over to becoming a crime is something neither the El Paso Police Department nor the El Paso Sheriff's Office wanted to talk about. That is likely because it's well known that it's your constitutional right to be a clown. But at what point you cross the line and get arrested while dressed as a clown, is a legal distinction perhaps best avoided.

The fact is, the epidemic of creepy clowns ranges from harmless pranksters to menacing jerks.

What lies in between could be open to an individual's interpretation. So while dressing like a clown alone will likely not cause a panic, it's what you do when dressed as a clown that can cause a problem.

Keep in mind, as well, that a private establishment can choose not to let you in if the management doesn't like your "clowning around."

Now that we've established some clown protocol our make up-up expert and movie set special effects artist, Tiffany Schuylar, will makea return to the KFOX 14 news studios this week. She'll show us the latest and greatest in both creepy and cute clowns.

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