Gear Friday: How to chose a Tai chi instructor


Sigung Perez is convinced that the health benefits of learning to breathe correctly, combined with the breathing flow of tai chi's physical movement and energy, are unparalleled.

However, in the West it's rare to find an instructor who incorporates all components of tai chi into training. So if tai chi is something you're interested in, you should decide which aspect of tai chi is most important to you. Once you do that, Perez recommends that you interview instructors in your area to see, "how much knowledge they possess and how much you can learn from them."

Perez says it's also important to be realistic, and find a location where you can practice tai chi on a regular basis.

Regardless, though, Perez is convinced, that if you enter tai chi with an open mind, once you start it, you will not want to stop.

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