Gear Friday: Rossfit

Gear Friday: Rossfit

The unique and rigorous Rossfit program at Ross Middle School is not just about getting physical exercise and bringing students from different grade levels and economic backgrounds together. A vast majority of the school is military, and coach Bobby Macias says the program helps provide a support system for kids who's parents' are deployed, and gives the parents on overseas assignments peace of mind knowing their kids are in a positive and productive environment.

In this segment we meet some of the students with firsthand experience participating in the program while their parents served our country overseas; Capt. Will Dubois will return Nov. 12 and his son has grown stronger in the program not just for himself, but for the younger students who are experiencing or will soon experience a household where a parent is deployed.

The program operates almost entirely on donations. Macias feels passionately that the program should be implemented in each of the El Paso School District's middle schools and he and the school's military liaison are constantly looking for grants and sponsors. If you'd like to donate, we have a provided a link on this page to do so.


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