Gear Friday: painting walls

It's "Gear Friday" and we've literally been painting walls all week. It turns out there are a number of items you need to borrow or purchase to pull off a finished paint job, but the great news is that most of it can be used again. Obviously you need a can of paint and a paint pan. But here are some things you might not have considered:

1. A plastic drop cloth; Paint will go through a sheet or newspaper and potentially dry on whatever is underneath.

2. Rags; dripping paint is almost impossible to avoid but if you wipe it off quickly it should all come off.

3. Proper rollers; rollers come in different degrees of fluffiness. The flatter your wall, the flatter the roller should be.

4. Brushes; fine bristled brushes help get into corners and edges the best. You'll need some tiny brushes too for touch ups and tough to-reach places.

5. Extender; using an extender for a roller to reach close to the ceiling is much safer than getting on a ladder.

6. Mallet; a rubber mallet helps properly seal your paint can if there is any left over paint.

Just remember if the paint hasn't been used in 72 hours, you should take it to a hardware of paint shop and have them spin it to mix the colors properly to be used again

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