Gear Friday: Halloween dog treats

This week's topic covered how to get your dog in a Halloween costume, what to do if your dog is terrified of Halloween, and on this "Gear Friday," a look at trick or treating for dogs.

Since more dogs are being put into Halloween costumes, one can presume that the activity of trick or treating for dogs is also increasing. So, you shouldn't be caught off guard if a dog shows up at your door with it's own treat bag or bucket.

Glenda Herrin of Heeling Hounds says since trick or treating dogs at your door don't belong to you, you should ask the owner with the dog if it's OK to give them a treat. And, Herrin says, if you are inclined to give dog treats, make sure you have appropriate treats available. Herrin suggests making peanut butter treats from scratch (recipes abound on the internet) or buying treats that are made locally.

She also warns that candy should be kept in a high place out of the way of curious dogs who can be seriously hurt by ingesting candy, especially chocolate.

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