Gear Friday: Cute clowns


It's not all about creepy clowns this Halloween..because why be gross when you can be gorgeous?

We've asked our assignments editor, Jasmine, to volunteer for this segment.

Prepping to be a cute clown, Jasmine's face is covered in the same white base as a creepy clown, but that's the only similarity.

Makeup and special effects expert Tiffany Schuyler says after your white base in place, decide which feature on your face is your favorite and start there. Tiffany says she generally finds people like their eyes best, so she says focus on your favorite first and make that the most flamboyant feature.

If you have whited out your eyebrows, Tiffany says you need to be careful about drawing clown eyebrows because you can draw them can make your face look menacing. The good thing is, you can always erase them and start over.

The nose should just be a little red dot. And the lips should be smaller than your eyes.

If you can work with those measurements and add some glitter -- TIffany, says you'll crush every clown around.

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