Dog commands that build courage

Dog commands that build courage

It turns out that there are some things you can teach your dog at home that can greatly benefit you, your dog and the vet before you ever get to the Vet's office.

It doesn't matter if it's for an annual shot exam, or your dog swallowed all your socks and a hot wheel and needs medical attention FAST, it helps if you have prepared your pet before hand.

Glenda Herrin of Heeling Hounds Dog Training says one good thing to do if your dog is still a puppy, is to drive your pet to the vet, go in the lobby, give him/her a treat and leave. That way the dog doesn't associate the car of the vets office with a bad experience. She also says you should hug your dog, let it go and give it a treat... so that he/she learns it's not being trapped when it's being held.

Dr. Roger Freund at Coronado Animal Clinic says another great idea if your dog is naturally nervous is to call and find out when the slow times are at the vet's office. He says every office has lulls in the day, and that might be the best time for you and your pet. Click on the video for more great tips on how to get your dog comfortable with the idea of going to the vet!

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