Gear Friday: UTEP School of Pharmacy


The new UTEP School of Pharmacy is not only offering new opportunities to students seeking a medical career, but it is also providing an opportunity for those already in careers to change paths. Such is the case for Sweta Andrews, who is part of the teaching staff at the new School of Pharmacy.

"I'm not your traditional student who decided to go to pharmacy school right after high school," said Andrews. "I actually had a career going. I was a financial analyst. But i wasI was also working part time as a tech in a pharmacy." Her interest in pharmacy grew quietly until she ultimately made the difficult decision to leave her full time job to pursue her passion. She feels the location of the new School of Pharmacy allows thousands of others to do so as well.

Pradeep Bolla is among those taking advantage of the research and doctoral opportunities available at the new college. The graduate student said he has always had a passion for research. He is now part of the research team at the UTEP School of Pharmacy, developing a topical delivery system for cancer drugs to treat certain kinds of liver cancer.

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