Carpe Diem: UTEP School of Pharmacy


The brand new UTEP School of Pharmacy is starting them young. The college is trying to lure fifth-graders into one day pursuing a pharmaceutical degree at the brand-new UTEP School of Pharmacy.

"Right now, the kids are compounding lip balm. There are a bunch of different formulations you can put together," said Maya Ruiz, an undergraduate research assistant at UTEP. Ruiz said she wished she had been given the opportunity to create something in a real scientific setting when she was in elementary school. Ruiz helped organize this hands-on activity for the elementary school students, an idea the dean and college administrators at the School of Pharmacy hope will be replicated and will lure other fifth-grade classes to come try their hands at making lip balm for themselves. The hope is it will help them discover the possibilities of what they could one day create in a pharmacy lab.

"I never knew you could do this at home or everybody could do it," Rafael Pacheco said. The fifth grader peered up from his adult lab goggles. He was wearing oversized blue plastic medical gloves. Pacheco said he is in fact inspired by the scientific environment. He left with the inspiration to become a surgeon..., a path he could take by way of the School of Pharmacy on his way to medical school on day.

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