Carpe Diem: The Golden Age program


The Golden Age program is a physical fitness program focused on those over the age of 60. The program is based out of UTEP and, in conjunction with the city of El Paso and the YWCA, has now expanded to East El Paso.

The YWCA now accommodates kinesology students from UTEP at its east side facility, to work one on one with the participants of the Golden Age program. The participants pay just under $100 a semester. Each individual participant is required to undergo base testing to determine his or her physical strengths and weaknesses. It is a nonprofit program.

The goal of the program is to eventually expand to all areas of the city. However, the east side was targeted first as it is the fastes-growing area of the city. The 79935 ZIP code is one of the fastest-growing ZIP codes in the country.

Matt Doherty with the YWCA says the program has helped take fitness for a seniors to a much higher functional level. In the next segment, we look at exactly what kind of exercise participants can expect, and why the results of the exercise program are being closely watched not only by UTEP but by other universities around the country.

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