Carpe Diem: Tai chi combat techniques


Over the years, western culture has removed much of the fighting aspect of tai chi and focused solely on the wellness aspect of this martial arts form.

Sigung Perez of Shaoling Wu Shu Kung Fu in east El Paso says it is possible to study the combat and wellness aspects separately, but ideally, all components of tai chi should be studied together.

In essence, the combat component or "chuan" of tai chi chuan is a very slow moving form of self defense.

Sigung Perez says tai chi is much more gentle on the body than more conventional martial arts forms, which is why so many older people can be seen practicing tai chi in city parks.

But when you put tai chi into practice in faster motion, you can see the fighting application clearly.

The combat component of tai chi also incorporates three forms of weapons, which Sigung Perez demonstrates in this segment.

In our next segment, Sigung Perez explains how to find a good tai chi instructor and what consumers should be looking for in a location to learn tai chi.

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