Carpe Diem Table Tennis

Carpe Diem Table Tennis

Tucked into the heart of central El Paso, just steps away from the El Paso Police Department headquarters building, sits a sports facility that would impress the fictional character Forrest Gump. At one point in the movie that shared his name, Gump won international table tennis competitions and joined the USO to entertain troops with his table tennis skills.

The El Paso Tennis Club is home to several world-class table tennis tables, and a world-class coach whose sole purpose and career is to train those who participate in this club to be on top of their game. In this segment of Carpe Diem, we take a look inside the facility, try our hand at a sport that is said to burn 250 calories an hour at optimal play capacity, and learn how you can soon come try on some table tennis at the club to benefit the American Cancer Society.

For more information you can visit their Facebook page.

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