Carpe Diem: Stretchzone

    Carpe Diem: Stretchzone<p>{/p}

    Even though I exercise, produce Carpe Diem reports weekly and run around all day ... my muscles are stiff. And I'm not alone. Many people are what you might consider "stiff" because of desk jobs, sitting in traffic, driving, and just not challenging our muscles to stretch often enough.

    For that reason, a new franchise in the Borderland called Stretchzone is finding success here. The business utilizes a patented system of tables and straps to essentially hold you in place. Then personal trainers maneuver your limbs around, constantly checking your level of comfort against your full range of motion. The general manager of Stretchzone, Lisa Walsh says studies have proven that stretching is as important to your fitness regimen as cardio exercise. With a limited range of motion, you are more prone to injury and may find it more difficult to relax and even sleep. In tonight's segment of Carpe Diem, we put this system to the test to see how much Stretchzone could really make a difference.

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