Carpe Diem: Spot a Liar

    Why ‘Pay It Forward’ was going to send Fort Bliss soldier to Super Bowl<p>{/p}

    The backdrop of Tuesday night's segment of Carpe Diem is an exclusive interview that our sister station CBS4 obtained. The story was that of a Fort Bliss Soldier who was reported by the U.S. Army to have been at the heart of a heroic action.

    Sgt. Trey Troney had been heralded in the Fort Bliss post newspaper as the man who pulled a "Macguyver" move by using a ball point pen to open the lungs of a crash victim on a Texas roadway. By all accounts, the original story was pursued after Troney posted pictures of a crashed vehicle and shared details on social media of what he said happened. Then he was interviewed by CBS4 news anchor Shelton Dodson. ... and the story fell apart.

    After making national, state and local headlines, Troney's story was exposed as a fabrication. I asked UTEP researcher and psychologist Adam Fetterman to watch the interview with Troney and dissect what clues he may have been giving that he was being dishonest.

    In the segment, Fetterman suggests there were multiple clues, especially one that, to a trained eye, gave it all away.

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