Carpe Diem: Meditation


Because many people find peace in prayer and some religious rituals, there is a misconception that being in prayer, is the same as meditating. Local meditation instructor Luciana Garcia told us prayer and meditation are both beneficial, but they are not the same.

"When you begin a meditation practice, your faith and your spiritual beliefs are your own and that does not have to change," Garcia said. However finding peace in a stressful situation or moment can be found in meditation which is a learned skill. "Our mind was created to move, but with meditation what we're doing is training our mind to that it's OK to relax," Garcia said.

Training your mind to mediate can be done in a mediation studio where you follow an instructor's guidance. But it requires some dedication to be able to mediate effectively... "If you go to the gym one time it's not going to transform your body so it's the same thing with meditation," Garcia said. In our next segment, we look at how many are learning to meditate at home.

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