Carpe Diem: Les Mills

Carpe Diem: Les Mills

There are only two places in the city that as of the date of this report, offer the Les Mills workout system. One of those locations is a women-only gym in west El Paso. But if you are a man, your only option to attend one of these classes is to take advantage of the facilities and classes at the Fort Bliss Soto Recreation Center.

The Les Mills system is a trademarked workout system that gyms pay for the rright to use. There are several workouts within the system and few gyms offer all the classes, but Fort Bliss offers two ... RPM (a spin class) and BodyPump (a total body weight resistance class). Fort Bliss is getting ready to add Grit, which is a 30 minute bag class involving hitting and kicking. In this segment of Carpe Diem, you get an idea of how all the workouts work. Each workout is based on interval rounds of intensity and follows an upbeat music playlist that is a major part of the routine.

The workouts in each system, and the playlists, change quarterly in what the creators dubbed a "launch." Essentially, for that quarter everyone across the country working out to Les Mills will be doing the same new routines, with the same music.

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