Carpe Diem: Golden Age program


When it comes to the golden years, the Golden Age program is not exactly about relaxing. The program, which has now expanded to east El Paso is challenging seniors to push the limits of their physical abilities to maintain their longevity.

The program is centered on the idea of resistance training for those over the age of 60. The founder of the program, which originated at the University of Texas at El Paso, says, as we age, we need to put more emphasis on muscle strength, not less.

"As we age, we experience a variety of deteriorations in our physical and neuromuscular system," Dr. Sandor Dorgo said. "We also understand that muscle has a significant role in metabolism and disease prevention." For these reasons, the participants in the Golden Age program work individually with personal trainers from the kinesiology department at UTEP in order to learn proper form in weight resistance training and also to be able to challenge themselves to continue to stay strong.

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