Carpe Diem: Fall Trees


Different species of trees will turn at different times, so John White, head curator at UTEP says it's important to find out what is normal for fall behavior for what trees are in your yard. There are some trees that are not native to this area, and John says it's especially important to read the signs of distress on those trees because they tend to struggle in our dry climate.

In general, John says almost all trees in our area may be showing signs of distress because of our unusually hot summer. "Like this summer we had a lot of 100 degree days ... a lot of record-breaking months with extreme heat, and all that accumulates as the tree accumulates salts and different things in its leaves."

So in this segment of Carpe Diem, John shows us how to recognize the signs of "leaf scorch." He also shows us some mistakes many people make in their landscaping that keeps water from reaching the roots of trees. And, we see an example of how branches growing too closely together are a sign your tree didn't get enough water this summer.

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