Carpe Diem: Fall Outdoor living

Carpe Diem: Fall Outdoor living

Fall is now underway and so the onset of cooler more comfortable temperatures will arrive soon. Our interior design expert Casey Alvarez Blanco of says being cozy outdoors, means making your backyard and patio more intimate.

"Utilize things to create walls in your backyard so whether it's tall potted trees, or trellaces to create cozy unexpected spaces that really make the backyard feel special," Casey said.

One of Casey's tips is that outdoor furniture doesn't have to match perfectly. Whatever your price range or your style preference Casey says it's more important that the materials not be "matchy matchy" but that they complement eachother. So for example, "If you buy a table that's maybe a stone table, buy metal chairs, or buy the same material but from a different set," she said.

One thing Casey is convinced is a must for making a backyard cozy is having some large pots. "Whether you have an ecclectic style and you want to mix and match lots of different colors, or you want something a little bit more elegant with all the same, definately incorporate pots, and bigger is better." But Casey adds, "as for what you put in the pots, that's up to you." Go for real plants though, because fake plants have some drawbacks in this area: "they're always gonna get dusty and they're never gonna look as beautiful as a real plant. And they are never going to have that fragrant quality that real plants have."

Join us next week when Casey shows us her favorite part of making your outdoor living space feel cozy.

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