Carpe Diem ending its fourth year

Carpe Diem ending its fourth year

Carpe Diem is now ending its fourth year of bringing you inspiration ranging from how to defend yourself, how to relax, get fit, get inspired, get active and get healthier.

“Carpe diem is awesome because it teaches people to seize the day and take advantage of all the oppurtunities that they have throughout the day. you know, you kind of can just go through the motions but it gets us going and it gets us excited for life,” said Laneah.

My family is no stranger to now being interjected in KFOX14 Carpe Diem activities to demonstrate how to seize the day. And they inspired me too.

I followed one of my daughters to learn the benefits of flag football.

And we tried new things -- like in October when I had my husband, and several UTEP miner football players including one of my sons try co-ed zumba for a carpe diem segment.

“We're going a thousand miles an hour enjoying every day to the fullest extent everyday it's seize the day it's very simple, every day is not promised,” said Shawn.

But as it turns out though -- the KFOX14 family of viewers has also tuned into the concept of carpe diem and what it means.

“Basically for me what it means is to make every moment count, make it worth it try to help somebody else out, lend a helping hand.”

“Just taking advantage of every minute of the day -- making the most of it and enjoying it.”

“Seizing the day means getting up early getting every minute out of the day, working hard and getting good... getting ready for the weekend.”

“What does carpe diem mean to me, obviously we wake up every morning and we can do a lot of things that are good for our family, ourselves, society, work whatever but i really think if you can do something better than you did yesterday it's something that we can all strive for. thats what it means to me... how can we do more, if i gave away ten shirts to charity..;. how can i do eleven? so that's what seize the day means to me to get better everyday on a consisten basis,”

That's some KFOX14 viewer family feedback about how we seized the day in carpe diem this year.

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