Carpe Diem: El Paso Scooter Club

    Carpe Diem: El Paso Scooter Club

    The trend toward electric bikes or scooters in urban areas has grown in part because of a movement to be more environmentally friendly -- but also... because scooters are fun.

    The El Paso Scooter club estimates there are about 5,000 scooter owners in El Paso. Here in the Borderland, some use scooters to commute to jobs across the ports of entry.

    Tracy Mcintyre, the owner of Moto El Paso that sells scooters, says that using a scooter than a car rather than to cross the international bridges can save up to two hours of time.

    When the El Paso Scooter club meets however, time is not an issue. The club meets up to twice a month for a leisurely ride around various spots in town, stops a couple of times for photos and ends at a restaurant. There are no membership fees, meetings or club officers. To participate, you just have to have to be on an open form of electric bike that you don't mind riding at top speeds of about 40 miles an hour.

    In this segment of Carpe Diem, I joined the scooter club for a ride to see what it was all about.

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