Carpe Diem: Dash Cams


Hundreds of different brands of dashboard cameras exist on the market today. The flood of dash cams on the market is due in large part to cheaper models being made in China, according to our tech expert Adam Gamwell of Gamwell Technologies.

Gamwell points out that Garmin and Cobra are the pioneers of dash cam technology and for the purposes of demonstration he chose a Garmin to show us how dash cams work in general.

Depending on what your needs are, setting up a dash cam can be as simple as downloading and app and sticking the camera to your front windshield. If you want to mount the dash cam more permanently you could chose to have it professionally installed. The memory of the dash cam is stored on a memory card, and it is generally up to you and how much memory the card can hold, as to when to purge it.

In this segment, Gamwell walks us through some of the basics of setting up a dash cam. In the next segment, he will go over some of the legalities of what you can and can not do with the video you record.

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