Carpe Diem: Dance Fitness

Carpe Diem: Dance Fitness

There's a hardly a gym in the world that doesn't have music in the background or people listening to music as they work out on headphones. Countless workout systems incorporate music because the beats can be motivating and fun. But for those who love to dance, there's no need to separate music from dancing when you want to burn calories.

We found there are a number of locations in the city that incorporate dance into exercise, and we visited two of them. Dance Fitness at Del Sol Studio is an intense high beat workout that incorporates light hand weights. Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio offers a dance fitness class that incorporates core movements associated with cha-cha and samba to name a few.

In the latter, the participants were a little more mature and therefore held a special appreciation for the low impact moves that still bring them health benefits. In the end, no matter what kind of workout you enjoy, mixing it up is always a good idea and exercising through dance is a fun and artistic way to do so.

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