Carpe Diem: Creepy clowns


Clown makeup has evolved. Today a lot of clowns are creepy.

But unofficial clown couture, based on trends and popular culture indicates that there are trends for clown makeup.

Tiffany Schuyler our resident make up and special effects expert for "Carpe Diem" says the trend right now is for creepy clowns to look "messy."

In this segment Tiffany demonstrates how to smudge the eyes and lips so it looks like you've been living in a state of psychotic crazy clown makeup for days if not weeks.

The idea of a distressed clown look -- likely comes from the chaotic scenes of terror depicted in many horror movies today.

Just remember it's not how you look in clown makeup, but what you do in clown makeup that sets the tone for how those around you react to your terror-ific face makeup.

In today's heightened sensitivity to creepy clowns, that's something to consider.

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