Carpe Diem: Corn Maze


Unless you are just bound and determined to get lost at the corn maze, you will need a map of the maze before you enter the giant leafy puzzle. A flashlight will help too, especially if you go at night. La Union Corn Maze is open at night on Friday and Saturday and the owners say teenagers, especially, are fond of trying to navigate the maze without the help of a map. They find it scarier, (which it is in the dark), and more challenging, (which it is in the dark).

The corn maze owners say they never leave anyone behind when the night is over. They check the parking lot to see if there are any cars there.... and, if there is a car, that generally means someone needs to be rescued from the maze.

There are workers posted inside of the maze in case you do need to be pointed in the right direction. And if you take the map with you, (which is highly recommended), someone always answers the phone number on the bottom, in case you need help. And before you head into this adventure, make sure you have bug spray. There are mosquitoes, and little things you can't even see that can pester you. And finally, wear the right clothes. Consider that it's cooling off as we creep into fall, especially in the evening. Also, wear shoes you are comfortable in just in case you do get lost.

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