Carpe Diem: Choosing an interior color to paint a room


Interior decorating isn't cheap.

The good thing, however, is that "unlike fashion trends, interior design color trends tend to stick around for about ten years," said interior designer Casey Blanco Alvarez.

Blanco said that your best bet is not to experiment with colored walls too much, and instead rely on furnishings and accessories to do the "heavy lifting" of the room. Blanco said that way, you can change it out seasonally, or take it with you. However, if you are convinced you'd like a splash of color, Blanco said you should make sure you can commit to the color and what emotions it may invoke.

Yellow, for instance, is energizing. Red can make you hungry, "which is why it is the color of so many dining rooms," said Blanco. But she said to keep in mind that within each color, there are can be dozens of combinations of hues and undertones. The only way to really know what will work, is to take the time to test many combinations of color at home in the room you are considering painting.

Also, Blanco said an accent wall is a good idea for color, but "make sure it's a focal wall in the room."

Finally, even though Blanco is partial to neutral colors, she says every room should have "a touch of black, which really grounds the room nicely."

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