Carpe Diem: Boutique Boxing

Boutique boxing in El Paso

You don't have have to be Muhammed Ali or Jennifer Han to reap the benefits of boxing any more. 9Rounds boxing in El Paso has everyday people shuffling in for an intense fullbody work out.

Here's the concept in a nutshell.: You get there... If you need help wrapping your hands, you get it from a personal trainer who will guide you every minute. Then you proceed into a cycle of nine three minute rounds at different stations. The closest you will get to sparring -- is mitt work. So you never punch anyone, and no one punches you.

Personal trainers are constantly there leading the circuit, and can personalize the workout to your level of need.

The workout is never the same. There are no class times, you just jump in when you it works for you. It is interval training, that lasts 30 minutes.

There are both strength and conditioning components to this workout. And an extra plus -- you get to burn off any stress or steam by punching a bag.

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