Carpe Diem: All Women Gym

There is only one all-women gym in El Paso. It's on the westside of town and, as the concept implies... it is called "Her Gym." The gym is female owned and operated and has thrived for 12 years now. It is a small space.

You are greeted by a receptionist, and a grand sprawling staircase behind the reception area encompasses much of the space. Beneath the stairs you find a free weights, squat racks, and lifting machines that are in line with what many women tend to focus on in the gym... -- their legs.

Upstairs there are about a dozen treadmills and aerobic machines. But the machinery is just a plus, because the real work in this gym happens in three large rooms, two of which you have to exit the building and enter the building next door to access. In these rooms, you find classes underway from the famed Les Mills system that encompass everything from combat training to spin classes and a fusion of yoga, tai chi and Pilates.

The energy is high, the instructors are inspirational and the schedule is efficient and runs seamlessly -- allowing you to enter classes that complement each other in terms of aerobic and weight resistance training.

The monthly membership hovers around $50, which is pricey considering the co-ed gym directly next door costs a fraction of that. However, what women told us they are paying for is being in the company of other women, the workouts geared specifically to women and, most of all, the privacy of not having men in the mix.

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