Carpe Diem: 4-H Clubs

    Carpe Diem: 4-H Clubs

    Participants in a pair of El Paso's 4-H programs recently were invited to a state tournament in San Antonio to compete in trap and skeet shooting sports.

    The El Paso County extension office coordinates the 4-H activities. The organizer says because of urban sprawl in El Paso County, the 4-H program has expanded to include activities related to public speaking and STEM projects.

    Nationally, reports show there is also a growing presence of girls participating in all areas of 4-H activities.

    In this week's Carpe Diem report, Erika went out to El Paso's lower valley, where the 4-H clubs go to practice their shooting skills. The El Paso Trap and Skeet club is open to the public and is open at night.

    We have attached links in case you are interested in enrolling your student age 8 to 18 in a 4-H program, or helping the students raise money to compete.

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