Carpe Diem: Rossfit


Last month -- a Colorado pro-military non-profit released a study of our nation's dismal physical readiness to serve.

The Colorado study showed that between bad eating and health habits, 70 percent of Colorado's young people are today unable to serve.

At Ross Middle School in Central El Paso, they don't have that problem.

The Rossfit program is unique to the El Paso School District. Once a month the four day a week program honors a military hero.

Now in it's 8th year at Ross Middle School near Fort Bliss, the Rossfit program simulates "Crossfit" in many ways -- and emphasises taking pride in yourself and our country.

For this segment US Navy veteran and photojournalist Rudy Reyes, my USMC veteran husband and myself are all invited to participate in the Rossfit workout.

Both Reyes and Bryan said it was encouraging to see the kids working hard. Many of these kids, however have a special appreciation for what it takes to serve our country.

Many of them have parents who are active duty, and some who are currently deployed. Rossfit helps them, on an an even deeper level... which we'll show you in our next segment.


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