Soundstage 9 prepares for annual showcase at Plaza Theatre

Soundstage 9 prepares for annual showcase at Plaza Theatre.

There's work being done in the woodshed in East El Paso.

“When the drums come in, it blows up so you've got to come in super heavy," said Roger Argenis, owner of Sound Stage 9.

Located at 11601 Pellicano, Sound Stage 9 is an artist-development studio that's about to celebrate its third anniversary in El Paso.

“So whether you come in to learn how to play an instrument or you’re trying to break into the music industry, that’s what we do here,” said Argenis.

But this week, musicians are busy preparing for an upcoming performance.

“This is our biggest event to date," said Argenis.

He's referring to an upcoming showcase called "The Future of Music."

It's happening Sunday at 4 pm at the Plaza Theater.

“We’ve been taking it venue by venue," said Argenis. "We played Tricky Falls. Then we did the Fountains. Now we’re doing the Plaza. So we’re taking steps.”

Argenis said the showcase on Sunday is a way to highlight the work being done by the musicians at Soundstage 9. And he says playing a venue like the Plaza Theatre helps foster confidence in beginners and veterans alike.

“The best thing about it for me is that it’s young musicians for the most part," said Argenis. "We’re going to have some teenagers and adults. But it’s really awesome to watch the kids perform.”

For more information on "The Future of Music," click here.

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