Segundo Barrio honors coach Nolan Richardson

Nolan Richardson Jr. was honored as the Segundo Barrio person

For the third year in a row, a tight-knit El Paso community will be honoring one of their own.

The Father Rahm Segundo Barrio Person of the Year for 2017 is Nolan Richardson.

"When I stop to think of all the honors that I've had, this one has got to stand so high. Why? Because it represents me where I came from," said Richardson. "All the other places I've already been. But where I came from as a little boy to a mid-sized man to a guy that goes off to college and does his thing, came out of the Segundo Barrio."

Richardson graduated from Bowie High School then Texas-Western, what is now UTEP.

He played under legendary coach Don Haskins.

Later, Richardson would go on to become one of the most successful basketball coaches in the country. He lead the Arkansas Razorbacks to a national championship in 1994.

Richardson was honored at a dinner on Thursday but on Saturday he will be back in his old neighborhood for a parade in his honor.

"It's a small simple parade, it starts at San Ignacio, which was a Jesuit parish, and continues on Father Rahm Avenue west making its way to Sacred Heart," said Father Ron Gonzales with Sacred Heart Church. "So I really do invite those folks that are out there who have never been to the barrio, who would never think of going to the Segundo Barrio, that side of Paisano as they say, come on over. Come and meet a wonderful man and come and meet all those people who are particpating. See things differently that maybe you normally wouldn't see."

The parade is happening Saturday morning at 9 at San Ignacio Church, which is at 408 Park Street.

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