Savage Goods brings new cafe to Sunset Heights

Savage Goods cafe and bakery

A transformation has taken place in a historic neighborhood near downtown El Paso.

What was once a vacant convenience store in Sunset Heights has been reborn into a place called Savage Goods, a bakery, bar and coffee shop that opens for business next week.

“It’s been a little crazy," said Michelle Savage. "When we first moved in it was just an empty shell but we had to take down the old scraps and things and make it bare bones to start off and we’ve done it all from the ground up.”

Michelle Savage is one-third of Savage Goods. She along with her husband, Tyler Savage, and his her sister Mariah Savage moved to El Paso from Wisconsin several years ago. They started selling baked goods at local farmers markets. As the demand for their confections continued to grow, they decided it was time to double down on their passion for food.

“It just kept growing so the demand kept increasing and people what they really wanted was a place to gather together and eat the food together," Savage said. "They loved the food but what they wanted was a space.”

They started a crowdfunding campaign and asked their fans ton contribute to their cause.

“We did a Kickstarter campaign which was a really successful crowd-funding campaign. It was fantastic," Savage said. "We raised just under $31,000 from 188 donors. That was a huge piece. We also had some private investment and some friend and family loans. So really the community and our family and our friends came in and supported us in a really big way.”

So this past summer, they found what they describe as the perfect location: a former convenience store called Jimmy’s on the corner of Oregon and Nevada, right next to the trolley line and only a few minutes from downtown.

“It’s been a huge transformation but we’re excited to bring life back to a building that’s been so beloved in a really beloved historic neighborhood,” Savage said.

Savage Goods will feature baked goods, of course, but also beer, wine and coffee along with vegan food items. The Savages want it to be a reflection of the neighborhood, a place where people can come together and enjoy the sweet and the savory.

“I think it’s a great fit for Sunset Heights," Savage said. "It’s got a neighborhood feel. It’s going to be a community place. People can grab coffee on their way to work or they stop by for happy hour on their way home from work. So it’s really going to be part of the neighborhood and that’s what we wanted.”

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