Nosh offers healthful options to loyal customers


Look up the word "nosh" and at least one definition says “to eat food enthusiastically.”

And there is good reason to do exactly that at a West Side eatery called Nosh.

“We wanted to create a healthy concept for El Paso, mainly focusing on whole foods," said owner Tara Livingston, who opened the restaurant a year ago. It has quickly developed a strong following as a purveyor of fresh, nutritious food.

“It’s based on high fiber," said Livingston. "Anti-inflammatory. Lots of vegetables, not all vegetables, of course, but very high in leafy green vegetables.”

Tara said the key to her menu is wholesome simplicity.

“All of our salad dressings are house made," she said. "We make everything from scratch completely. And we just take a lot of pride in using minimal ingredients, which is really the best thing for your health.”

These salad bowls are a popular offering. So are the smoothies. And now, Nosh is open for breakfast lunch and dinner.

“Our employees talk to every person who walks in the door and we take a lot of pride in knowing what our community wants and needs," she said.

From microbrews to locally sourced cookies, along with organic and gluten free options, Tara said Nosh has been able to carve out a loyal clientele.

“We’re very proud of having something that everyone now seems to love and enjoy," she said.

Nosh is located at 150 West Castellano Drive in West El Paso. It's open Monday through Saturday.

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