Local entrepreneur launches Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

El Paso entrepreneur launches Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

For starters, it comes in a can not a cup.

And there are a few other notable differences that set this locally made coffee apart.

“Nitro Coffee is cold brewed coffee and ours specifically is brewed cold for 36 hours and you infuse that coffee with nitrogen,” said Joe Jimenez, the owner of Tradecraft Coffee and Cocktails in West El Paso.

Jimenez is talking about his latest venture: a cold-brewed creation called Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

“And what that does is it allows for a creamy mouth feel," he said. "It’s basically like if you were drinking coffee with milk but there’s no milk added. It’s just nitrogen. It’s just gas, coffee and water.”

Jimenez unveiled his Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at a launch party last week.

“The coffee is roasted in Las Cruces. It’s ground, roasted and brewed here in El Paso," he said. "So those four steps are done here locally.”

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is available at Tradecraft, and also at Hoppy Monk and at a few other locally owned businesses. Eventually, Jimenez wants the coffee to be distributed all over El Paso and beyond.

“We’re not going to stay in this market. We want to expand," he said. "We want to propel El Paso in a different light to other cities and we definitely want to expand to other markets.”

Tradecraft is located 3737 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79902.

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