Local coffee roaster celebrates five years in business

Paulina is the owner of Building 6 Coffee Roasters.

It might seem like a simple process: You run hot water through some ground up coffee beans and out comes a cup of goodness.

But for Paulina Salazar, it runs much deeper.

"Everyone that touches your coffee has their own story and their own worth, and I think it's important to notice it," said Salazar.

Paulina is the owner of Building 6 Coffee Roasters.

"I get passionate about traveling to those places, knowing the farmer, knowing their problems, what's going on, and coming here and transmitting that message to the consumer," she said. "To me that's what keeps me going."

For the past five years, Paulina's business has focused on providing specialty coffee to El Paso. That's not just any coffee. That means coffee of a certain caliber.

"All the coffee that we carry is specialty grade," she said. "Also we only carry single-origin coffees. So we know where it's coming from, who's growing the coffee, the techniques that they're using."

It begins with the bean: Building 6 only deals in premium beans and Paulina prides herself on building a relationship with the growers. She enjoys getting to know the small cooperatives where the coffee is grown and harvested.

"We know the story behind that coffee, who we're helping," she said. "That's why we do what we do."

Then Building 6 roasts the beans in small batches. Then the roast is analyzed. It's all part of the process. From farm, to harvest, to roast to the cup.

"It's like a cup of coffee with responsibility, traceability and sustainability,"she said.

The Building 6 flagship store is located in East El Paso at 11385 James Watt Drive. They recently opened this smaller storefront on Cincinnati Street in Kern Place.

"We try to keep it simple, the menu, we're specialty coffee and that's it," she said.

In helping to introduce coffee culture to the Borderland, Paulina says it's a simple matter of getting people out of their comfort zone and willing to try something new. The coffee, she says, will speak for itself.

"One customer can make your day by tasting the difference or by talking to you in the same coffee language."

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