Former police officer chases his dreams of country music stardom

Frank Ray is a former Las Cruces police officer who is now pursuing a career in music. (KFOX14)

On a recent Friday night in Las Cruces, Frank Ray is busy signing autographs.

His friends, family and fans have come together at Whiskey Dicks to celebrate Frank's brand new record and his brand new direction in life.

"I guess that's why they sort of call it dreams, you know," said Frank. "You chase your dreams. You chase your dreams. You hear that so much. So I decided to change that word from dream to goal."

Up until a few weeks ago, Frank Gomez was an officer with the Las Cruces Police Department. But after 10 years on the force, Frank decided to tender his resignation because his true calling kept calling.

"If i could sum it up in one word, it's support," he said. "You've got to have people that have that can-do attitude and push you to do better and for me my fiance Emily was the one that was the straw on all of it and she said, 'You can do this.'"

Frank grew up splitting his time between Columbus, New Mexico and San Antonio, Texas. He attended NMSU and started enjoying local success with a country band called Border Avenue. But earlier this year, he signed on with El Paso-based White Knuckle Productions. That's when things intensified.

"I saw the talent immediately," said Oscar Chavira, the founder of White Knuckle Productions. "He was probably 10 seconds into the song he sang and I was writing notes and I was like 'sign him now.'"

Earlier this year, Frank and his band cut a record at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo. And the first single, "Every Time You Run," has been climbing the Texas Country Radio charts since its release in July.

"You know it's really surpassed all of our expectations," said Frank. "We're hoping to just keep the momentum going and keep promoting the record. For the record, the way it turned out, it took us two and a half days to do it which is almost unheard. So we're proud of it. It's going to do some good stuff."

Frank says he understand that making it big in country music won't come easy. But he also says he won't ever regret his decision to pursue music and believe in himself.

"And I guess that's where the realization comes in," he said. "That you say, hey I hope for this turnout and they delivered. I hope for this reaction on songs and they delivered. And it was like, 'You know, I can do this for the rest of my life.'"

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