Filmmaker uses musical genres to convey message

Built in the Borderland

It might seem like a standard music video. But it's actually one part of a bigger plan.

The song "I Like Them Both the Same" is the featured track for an upcoming independent movie called "The Line that Divides."

And this is only one version of the song, which is part of a promotional push for the new film.

“Things come to me musically, all the time, and the song came first before the movie," said filmmaker Cesar Alejandro, who wrote the lyrics to the song.

Alejandro also wrote and directed the new movie, which is set along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I wanted to give a positive outlook, a positive future for race relations and that positive outlook is having empathy for each other," Alejandro said.

Earlier this week, Alejandro unveiled the music video at the La Fe Culture and Technology Center.

The song was performed by country music artist Pancho Perez and was recorded at the center's recording studio.

“It was a really good experience because it was the first time I’ve ever recorded a song and first time I’ve ever been in a music video," said Perez. "So everything was very new to me.”

Pancho's version of the song is the first version to be released. But Alejandro is also planning to release several versions in different genres, as a way to illustrate the cultural differences in the Latino population.

“So we have country coming out first," Alejandro said. "Then we have mariachi, then we have banda then we have reggaeton then bachata, salsa and pop.”

The various versions of the same song are all meant to call attention the message of the movie, which Alejandro said celebrates the history and heritage of the people who live along the border.

“One country is my past the other one is my future but I love them both the same," Alejandro said. "Like it says, my crib is in this country but my roots are in another but they’re both mine.”

Alejandro is hoping for an El Paso premiere of "The Line that Divides" in March.

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