FEMMEfit offers workout specific to women

FEMMEfit offers workout specific to women

Meet Edith Peregrino.

She's a trainer at Crossfit 915's East Side gym.

And she helped create FEMMEfit El Paso, a fitness regimen by women for women.

"Here you come in and we tell you how to do things, what to do, and we help you do it correctly," Peregrino said.

FEMMEfit is celebrating its fifth year in El Paso and while it's not the only female-specific fitness program in the city, Peregrino said it boasts a specific energy that sets it apart from others.

"I think women in general anytime it's women only," she said. "But the girls have made this program what it is. The camaraderie, the friendships they have built, the atmosphere, the community, I think sets us apart from other women's programs."

The daily classes bring together women from all walks of life, all with a common goal.

"This program is all about empowering women, no matter what age you are, what body type you are," said Amanda Acosta, a teacher who has been a member of FEMMEFit for more than a year. "It's a very different feeling when you have women pushing each other. There's something that women can understand about each other that maybe in a co-ed class you're not going to understand."

As a trainer, Peregrino said her job is to bring out the best in her students.

"We have women who come in not being able to run 300 meters and they are running three miles and they never thought that was possible," she said.

And beyond that, the hard work done here results in real changes outside of the gym.

"You see them make progress and when they finally achieve that goal you share the excitement with them because you've seen them struggle," Peregrino said.

"Not only do I think I improved my physical abilities but I've met some wonderful ladies," Acosta said.

FEMMEfit is available at CrossFit 915's East and West locations.

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