El Paso Center for Children sponsors Stop Human Trafficking 5k

Center for Children of El Paso

The El Paso Center for Children recently received a state grant to expand foster homes for survivors of sex trafficking.

"We serve children who are coming through either the CPS system or the JPD system that have been involved in sex trafficking," said Veronica Lowenberg, the director of the foster care program at the Center for Children. It's her job to recruit and train foster families to care for children who have been trafficked.

"They're shipped all over the country and made to do things that no teenager, no person, much less a teenager should have to do and then they finally realize this is not what I want and they have to come home and try to lead a normal life back in their teenage years and it's not that easy," Lowenberg said. "Our job is to help them integrate back into a normal lifestyle."

In hopes of raising awareness about the severity of human trafficking in our area, the Center for Children is helping to organize the Stop Human Trafficking 5k run and walk.

"Any runner and any sponsor, all those proceeds will directly benefit the families and the trafficked youth for the specialized foster care program here at the El Paso Center for Children," said Erik Baray, an outreach specialist with the center. "So we want to raise as much awareness for this race as possible. We want the whole community to be invovled. We want everyone to register, whether it be families, couples, everybody come out with their kids, bring their dogs, we just want this to be a community-wide event and everyone who participates to understand the need for this kind of program here in El Paso."

The race is happening on Sunday April 15 at 8 am. It starts at Memorial Park in Central El Paso.

For more information on how to register, click here.

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